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Welcome to Controlling the Chaos

Hi and welcome. I am Dr. Melissa Parsons, an Emergency Medicine physician that was nicknamed "Controlled Chaos" before I ever stepped foot an in ER. My current chaos includes: Assistant Residency Director in a county, therefore crazy Emergency Department, wife to a firefighter, full-time mom to two wonderful (but teenage) stepdaughters, female angler, cross-fitter, keto-enthusiast, and a battler of infertility. As I trekked my way through medical school, residency and now attending life, I have struggled to find balance while trying to "have it all." My goal for this blog - yes I'm type A so we must have a goal - is to discuss wellness, wisdom & women in the workplace. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram at MEParsonsMD.



Please note that all information provided on this blog is my personal opinion and should not take the place of advice from your physician. I am not able to give medical advice on your personal health concerns. Also this blog represents my opinions. None of of my opinions or recommendations are affiliated with the hospital or Emergency Medicine group that I am employed by.

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