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Physical Wellness

This week we will be talking about sleep and how we improve our sleep patterns despite shift work. 

Reading Assignments (III):

  1. Listen to NPR’s Hidden Brain “Eyes Wide Open” Part 2  audio podcast, which is an overview of the neuroscience of sleep and effects on individual health. 

  2. Read Live Science “Busting the 8-hour sleep myth

  3. Read this article on Sleep for Shift Workers “Sleep management for shift workers: Avoiding Sleep Troubles

Other Resources:

  1. Read this article from the Huffington Post on sleep hygiene.

  2. Read this literature review on the effects of rotating night shifts.

Discussion Questions for Conference:

  1. Why do we sleep? 

  2. What are the health concerns over poor sleep?

  3. How much sleep do we really need?

  4. What sleep pattern may benefit shift or night workers? 

  5. What are some other tips for good sleep hygiene?

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