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This week we will be talking about resilience. Resilience is about bouncing back to normal or bouncing back even better and stronger than we were previously. Everyone has bad days or a bad period, this is about how you handle the bad days to make you even more capable of handling them in the future.


Please watch the videos and view the readings below and come prepared to discuss resilience. Additionally, think of a time that you “failed.” This can be an example from residency or from some other time in your life. You will be using your example to explore how to reframe thinking to build resilience.

Finally, come to conference prepared to discuss the questions listed below.

Reading Assignments (III):

1. Watch the TEDx Talk – What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience.

2. Watch this video Lessons in Resilience for Healthcare Trainees – Dr. Harise Stein

3. Read the 10 Ways to Build Resilience

4. Read about Learned Optimism  

Other Resources:

1. Review the Resilience Project including “Stanford, I Screwed Up” and Six-Word Stories

2. Test your resilience with the Brief Resilience Scale

3. Read this article.  

Discussion Questions for Conference:

1. What is resilience?

2. Think of a time that you “failed” in medicine or just in general. What lead to this “failure”?

3. Take this same example of a “failure” and examine it as is done on the BYU Learned Optimism document by examining that same event with through the lens of permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization.

4. How can this “failure” help you learn about your own resilience?


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