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Emotional Wellness

This week we will be talking about conflict management and how we handle difficult patients or scenarios in the ED.  How do you handle conflict?  What is your conflict resolution style? Are you accomodating, collaborating, compromising, competing or avoiding? 

Reading Assignments (III):

1. Listen to this podcast by EMCRIT's Scott Weingart on Rudeness 

2. Watch this quick video on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes to identify your conflict resolution style

3. Read this article on Dealing with the Difficult Patient

Other Resources:

1. Read this article on Narrative Medicine and how it can help us to manage our emotions

2. Read this article on Conflict Resolution in the ED 

3. Listen to this great SMACC talk on communication in the ED by Cliff Reid called Making Things Happen

4. Read this article on Good vs Difficult patients 

Discussion Questions for Conference:

1. Discuss the 5 conflict styles (including their pros and cons) - accommodating, collaborating, compromising, competing or avoiding  

2. Discuss strategies to deal with a difficulty patient encounter.  

3. Discuss strategies to deal with a difficult consultant in the ED.

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