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 About Me

I am an academic emergency physician and Emergency Medicine Program Director in Jacksonville, Florida.  I was nicknamed controlled-chaos on the soccer field as a teenager.  Now as an EM doc, wife to a firefighter, boy toddler mom, and step-mom to teenagers, the name is most appropriate. I am passionate about emergency medicine, gender equity, physician wellness and physician infertility.  I truly believe that strong women empower other women, and that is ALWAYS my goal! 

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My infertility journey and the discovery of the statistics on physician infertility led me to co-found - a virtual community for women in medical education training where we discuss, discover and delve into what it means to be a woman in medicine. Through SheMD, my colleague, Lexie and I have had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of premedical students, medical students and residents about the impact of our gender on our medical education and the risk of infertility for women in medicine.  To find out more about SheMD, visit our website HERE or follow our social media via the links below.

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